Camellia Camellia oleifera

Camellia trees are evergreen shrubs native to China and Eastern Asian countries and were later introduced to tropical and subtropical regions such as the Philippines. There are 12 species of Camellia, yet only two species are used in skin care applications; Camellia sinensis and Camellia oleifera. The trees bear fruit that has many small chambers which house the seeds from which the oil is extracted.

Camellia oil, also known as tea seed oil has been used as an ingredient in skin and hair care products for centuries. Camellia oil contains significant amounts of linoleic fatty acids, oleic fatty acids, and vitamin E; antioxidant polyphenols; and vitamins A, D, and K. This oil helps to heal bruises, reduce inflammation, protect against free radical damage and treat stretch marks. It’s also great as an after-shave lotion to calm razor burned skin.