Carrot Daucus carota

Carrot seed oil is derived from the Daucus carota of the Apiaceae family. Typically called the “Wild Carrot”, this carrot species is grown mostly in Europe. Carrot seed oil is extracted through steam distillation from the dried seeds and stems of carrots.

Rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, carrot seed oil is light and gentle with a yellow color and a woody aroma. Using carrot seed oil on your skin can greatly improve skins tone, elasticity and texture. Its heavy concentration of carotenoids (plant based vitamin A) can help treat and prevent the effects of ultraviolet rays. Carrot seed oil is famous for its antibacterial and healing properties and is particularly helpful for the reduction of scar tissue. It’s also a great skin soother, helping cure rashes, dermatitis and dryness due to sun overexposure.