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Crafted for Pregnancy, Made with Love.

The word FLORAE is referring to a systematic way detailing the plants in the region. At FLORAE, we only use the purest and the finest natural ingredients in New Zealand. Our superior formulation is carefully pre-screened for health and safety during pregnancy and nursing which allows mums and mums-to-be to attain their pregnancy glow with peace of mind.

About the Founders

FLORAE was founded by two ladies in their early 30's. While one of the founders was digging out the causes of her miscarriage, she realized how chemicals from daily skincare routine could be harmful for pregnancy and the growing baby. However, she was disappointed by limited options of safe pregnancy skincare products on the market. Her parents, who are dermatologists with more than 30 years experiences, also felt the negligence of safety standard for cosmetics industry and especially for pregnancy skincare products. With the encouragement and support from her parents, the founder decided to invent a new product that provide safe pregnancy skincare solutions for mums-to-be and nursing mums

Another founder’s best friend and mother-in-law were both diagnosed with breast cancer. She was shocked to learn that even in New Zealand, eight women, on average, will hear news today they have breast cancer. She realized there are so many hidden hazards that cause breast cancer in our daily life. To eliminate the potentially hazardous ingredients in skincare products that might trigger the development of breast cancer, she is determined to devote herself to a project that will benefit not only her loved ones but female in general.

Made with Love – Natural Solution to Pregnancy Skin Problems

While you are creating a miracle in your body, the accelerating growth of baby and the fluctuating hormone levels can wreak havoc on your skin. Problems such as stretch marks, saggy and loose skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, and uneven skin tone may arise in the course of time. The puffy eyes and dark circle caused by bad sleeping quality may sag your confidence on how you look. We have all been there before and we know the dilemma between keeping your pregnancy glow and ensuring your babies’ health. We don’t want you to have the same struggle and feel miserable during pregnancy. Rather, we want you to be pampered, energized, soothed and relaxed. We want you to enjoy the happiest moment in a woman’s life and feel the love all around you!

That’s why we provide safe and effective skincare solutions gifted by New Zealand’s nature to pamper your skin.

New Zealand has developed a natural landscape that is unique on earth. More than 80% of New Zealand's native plants are indigenous and many have remarkable bioactive properties. New Zealand is also blessed with less-polluted environment and organic farming which make these ingredients pure and safe.

Most of these natural plants have proven records of healing, purifying and nourishing qualities and they are perfect replacement of chemicals which may harm you and your babies. For example, Manuka Honey and Kawakawa Leaf extract are healthy and safe alternatives of Salicylic Acid in terms of acne control. In lieu of Retinols, Rosehip, Caviar Lime, Avocado and Grape Seed containing powerful natural antioxidants are used as natural skincare solutions for ageing skin.

Take a walk at The Garden and find out more about the magic work done by our plant ingredients.

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